Securities issues

DSM’s Capital Markets practice assists clients with equity and bond/note issues listed on regulated or alternative markets, as well as private securities placements by Luxembourg companies.

Structurations and Refinancements / Private Equity

We assist clients with all forms of restructuring such as acquisitions, mergers or divestitures, and all other company group structuring transactions.

We also assist them with the creation and management of regulated alternative investment funds (AIFs), regulated or unregulated special purpose vehicles (holding companies, SICARs, securitisation vehicules, SIFs) including customised structurings and refinancings, and often involving private equity.

Tax assistance in structured vehicles and financing

Working closely with our in-house tax lawyers, we seek the most tax-efficient solutions, which may involve the creation of multiple entities and the issuance of hybrid securities, and prepare and negotiate advanced pricing agreements with the Luxembourg tax authorities.

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