Webinar: “The ‘new’ professional payment guarantee: what are its advantages and how should it be implemented?” by Mario DI STEFANO and Marie-Paule GILLEN – Wednesday, 25 May 2022, at 9:00 a.m.

Since the Law of 10 July 2020 introduced the professional payment guarantee, there is a new mechanism in Luxembourg’s legal arsenal allowing redress of the loophole in positive law with respect to independent guarantees (garanties autonomes). With the increasing importance of guarantees in financial transactions and the increasing risks, it is henceforth necessary to understand the differences between sureties (cautionnements), independent first demand guarantees (garanties autonomes à première demande) and professional payment guarantees (garanties professionnelles de paiement). During this presentation, you will receive an overview of the different guarantees under Luxembourg law as well as their main characteristics and applications. ...
May 12th, 2022| Training

Marie-Paule GILLEN to participate in AEDBF’s international colloquium

Marie-Paule GILLEN, DSM Partner – Avocat à la Cour, will participate in an international colloquium put on by the AEDBF (European Society for Banking and Financial Law) which will take place on Thursday, 5 May 2022, at the Spuerkeess (Banque et caisse d’épargne de l’Etat or BCEE). The colloquium’s theme will be "The development of banking and financial regulation under the effect of client protection rules" and will feature numerous experts such Yuriko BACKES, Luxembourg’s Finance Minister. Ms. GILLEN will intervene as President of the AEDBF Luxembourg, specifically in the first session which will introduce the colloquium with Roberto FERRETTI, ...
April 14th, 2022| Training

Alex PHAM will host an Abilways conference on “Direct taxation jurisprudence” – 11 may 2022

Direct taxation litigation is multiplying. It is essential for all banking and financial sector professionals to stay informed of decisions rendered at both the European and national levels, in an effort to avoid litigation. In this new version, join Alex Pham, Avocat à la Cour, and Serge Schroeder, magistrate, as they analyze in tandem, the jurisprudence relevant to your activity, with a focus on the cases related to fiscal procedures, information exchange and the abuse of rights (abus de droit). Goals: Master jurisprudential developments in direct taxation Assess all the practical consequences thereof
March 21st, 2022| Training

Renaud LE SQUEREN will host a Chamber of Commerce webinar on “Managing unpaid invoices – best legal practices” – 21 April 2022

Renaud LE SQUEREN will host a webinar organized by the Chamber of Commerce (House of Entrepreneurship) on the topic of “Managing unpaid invoices –best legal practices”, Thursday, 21 April 2022. Practical information: Platform: Livestorm Language: French Duration: 45 minutes Free event, accessible to all To register, click here:
March 17th, 2022| Training

LE SQUEREN to speak at the Abilways conference on “Les défis de la bonne gouvernance d’entreprise” – 29 March 2022

Renaud LE SQUEREN will speak at the French-language morning session focusing on "Actualités en droit des sociétés : assemblées générales, groupes de sociétés, l’appel en garantie du dirigeant…", organised by Abilways Luxembourg. LE SQUEREN will speak at 3:00 p.m. on “Les défis de la bonne gouvernance d’entreprise” For registration click here.
March 17th, 2022| Training

Webinar “Real Estate Transactions – Share Deal vs. Asset Deal – the criteria for choosing” with Mario DI STEFANO, Renaud LE SQUEREN and Alex PHAM – Tuesday, 8 March at 9:00 a.m.

Slides :ères-Share-Deal-vs-Asset-Deal-Les-critères-pour-choisir-Webinar-DSM-Avocats-à-la-Cour-Mars-2022.pdf How should a real estate transaction be structured in Luxembourg? When should one opt for a share deal, and when should one opt for an asset deal? While the issue is simple, often the response is much less so: the choice may have serious legal and fiscal consequences during the realization of the operation of itself, as well as during financing and at its end. Given that both options offer advantages and disadvantages, the choice between a share deal and an asset deal should be carefully considered. There is no one-size-fits-all response, but rather issues to be ...
February 24th, 2022| Training

GDPR training proposal – practical implementation

DSM Avocats à la Cour offers data protection training through presenting the GDPR requirements. The training sessions are in French, English or German. We propose training sessions open to the public or internal and tailor made for your business, the goal of which is to reinforce your skills on these constantly changing topics. The training sessions are adapted to both the operational needs of enterprises as well as national and European legal developments. All of the proposed training modules can be tailor made and delivered on-site to businesses, by videoconference, or for public training sessions, take place at DSM Avocats ...
November 22nd, 2021| Training

Marie-Paule GILLEN to speak on “Blockchain, virtual assets and anti-money laundering obligations” at IFE conference – Thursday, 28 October 2021

Marie-Paule GILLEN will speak at the conference on "AML-CFT, KYC: Customer Due Diligence and transaction monitoring" (LCB-FT, KYC : Customer Due Diligence et transaction monitoring) organized by IFE Luxembourg on the topic of "Blockchain, virtual assets and anti-money laundering obligations" (La blockchain, les actifs virtuels et les obligations en matière de lutte contre le blanchiment). Principal issues: CSSF, cybercrime, AML, KYC Transaction monitoring refers to the surveillance clients’ transactions, including the evaluation of information and interactions in client-professional relationships. The goal is to provide a complete picture of a client’s activity. That can concern transfers, deposits and withdrawals. Even if most ...
October 28th, 2021| Training

Marie-Paule GILLEN will provide a regulatory panorama at “The must event for Compliance Officers” conference – 29 September 2021

Marie-Paule GILLEN will participate in the conference organised by IFE Luxembourg on "The must event for Compliance Officers". Today, compliance is at the heart of governing and company strategic risks and potential violations represent risks such that companies must obtain increasingly elaborate means to face them. The panel of conference practitioners at the heart of compliance will discuss: After the Law of 25 February 2021, what are the new obligations for financial sector professionals? What are the new obligations for compliance officer professionals? What new has the CSSF regarding TCSPs? What are the CRF’s recommendations? One year after the regulatory ...
September 29th, 2021| Training

Webinar on “Differing perspectives on sensitive data: cybersecurity and law in light of the GDPR era” by Andrew HAY (LARES) and Renaud LE SQUEREN – Tuesday, 19 October

Slides :à-la-Cour-DAMOVO-LARES-October-2021.pdf DAMOVO, LARES and DSM Avocats à la Cour are pleased to invite you to a free English-language hybrid* event as part of Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg on Tuesday, October 19, from 5:00 pm to 6:00 p.m. CEST on the topic of “Differing perspectives on sensitive data: cybersecurity and law in light of the GDPR era”. Program: Intro Outsourcing CSSF Security rules in the financial world Security of the transfer of data outside of the EU (> UK > USA) What are the requirements of Luxembourg clients? Regulatory overview (AML, GDPR); Schrems II What are the stakes in Luxembourg ...
September 21st, 2021| Training

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