The DSM team specializing in employment law and social security law brings its corporate experience to its clients, as well as its experience of several years in providing advice and defence in this practice area.

Labour law being a legal environment that fluctuates highly according to the whims of legislative developments as well as case law and its reversals, DSM assists and advises you throughout the employment relationship, and as necessary, negotiates its termination.

In this area of specialization, we advise companies, individual employees, staff representatives, associations and organisations. DSM assists you at each step of the employment relationship:

  • from the hiring and entering into of employment agreements (trial periods, fixed-term contracts (CDD), open-ended contracts (CDI) and contractual clauses);
  • during the performance of the employment agreement (working hours, salaries, collective agreements, staff representation); and
  • upon employment agreement termination or breach (dismissal, resignation, termination by mutual agreement).

We also advise in a precautionary capacity when clients negotiate complex issues such as collective dismissals and social plans with personnel, staff representation and unions. In these situations we seek a pragmatic solution. We assist companies in the context of their relations with the various administrations. In the scope of our duties we manage information and do our utmost to promote good relations with those administrations.

The firm assists and defends its clients not only before labour courts (regarding resignations dismissals, serious misconduct claims and dismissal for economic reasons), but also before criminal courts adjudicating employment law, as well as workplace health and safety violations.

DSM’s focus is to remain a firm that operates on a human scale and maintains direct, ongoing and personalized relationships with its clients.

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