For a few weeks, we have the pleasure of hosting the “Women pioneers in Luxembourg entrepreneurship” roving exhibit. The exhibit presents the careers of 12 pioneering women who were the country’s economic drivers and actors in the development of the Grand Duchy’s society.

This exhibit is the result of the Femmes Pionnières du Luxembourg non-profit’s work to promote the careers of those avant-garde women and to make them a source of inspiration to encourage women’s entrepreneurship.

“As women ambassadors for women’s causes, we decided to create this project to showcase the role women have always had in the world of entrepreneurship since the beginning of the industrial era. Even if they had neither the right to vote nor have a bank account, certain women had the courage to go against stereotypes and conventions to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. It should be made clear that this exhibit does not seek to cover women’s entrepreneurship from a historical perspective. Rather, our wish is to enter into dialog with various audiences to increase awareness of diversity and the role of women in business” stated Joëlle Letsch, president of the of the Femmes Pionnières du Luxembourg non-profit and managing partner of the ADT CENTER.

Congratulations and thanks to the Femmes Pionnières du Luxembourg non-profit for this initiative and for having given us the opportunity to host the exhibit.

We support the organisation and made a donation to it.

About Femmes Pionnières du Luxembourg asbl

The Exhibit was initiated and carried out by Femmes Pionnières du Luxembourg asbl.

Founded in 2016, the association’s mission is to create exhibits or publications on pioneering women, visionaries or other worthy individuals from Luxembourg, from all sectors and areas of activity. It wishes to make these extraordinary women known, share their story and make visible their   contribution to Luxembourg society and its development.

It also organises events around the exhibits, allowing deeper knowledge into the topic, increased  awareness among the general public and providing a source of inspiration for future generations.