DSM Avocats à la Cour’s German Desk benefits from the skills and experience of a team of multidisciplinary, dedicated lawyers. Our firm serves and supports clients who are:

  • Businesses from German-speaking countries in the context of their investments and activities in Luxembourg, or working through Luxembourg entities; and
  • Luxembourg businesses in their development in German-speaking markets.

We assist our clients with the effective setting up and management of their activities.

Our expertise at your service

  • Do you wish to partner with a German-speaking player? Our German Desk will support you by informing you of the applicable rules, particularly in the context of your contracting processes.
  • Are you facing a dispute with a German-speaking business or natural person? Our German Desk will provide you with solutions to prevail in mediation and if necessary, defend you before Luxembourg courts or, together with our German-speaking correspondent firms, before German-speaking courts.
  • Are you an international group planning on establishing subsidiaries or activities in Luxembourg? DSM Avocats à la Cour is here to advise you on the applicable law and support your installation and development, in a legally secure environment. DSM Avocats à la Cour’s German Desk can assist you in your relations with local authorities, banks, accountants and other service providers to facilitate your location and operation in Luxembourg. Our clients benefit from our excellent working relationships and contacts in Luxembourg.

Our German Desk covers all firm practice areas while maintaining a link with all of  DSM Avocats à la Cour’s other departments, including:

Our lawyers have extensive experience in handling transboundary transactions, particularly in the DACH region. Among our long-standing clients are large international business groups, SMEs and foreign law firms.

The team: we speak your language

Mario DI STEFANO; Gianluca LAERA; Mélissa CHITO; Pauline MARCHAT

The multiculturalism of the German Desk’s lawyers is such that they understand the differences in Luxembourg law with respect to the law of other German-speaking jurisdictions and thus effectively assist clients in understanding the specificities of Luxembourg law in making their decisions.

The German Desk lawyers are all multilingual and most of them have diplomas from German universities They combine their linguistic competencies with a deep understanding of the Luxembourg and German legal systems, and many years of practice in the German-speaking commercial environment. This allows them to understand the business world, markets and the challenges our clients face every day, and provide them practicable, effective and adapted solutions. We understand our clients’ perspective and provide them high-quality tailor-made legal solutions.

“The firm provides speedy and effective legal advice with good, organised teamwork. It is highly sophisticated and provides prompt responses.” Legal500 2023

Mario DI STEFANO’s German legal expertise

Born in Germany, raised in Luxembourg, a graduate of the University of Trier and having successfully passed both German State exams, Mario DI STEFANO has a German-Luxembourgish cultural background, something which allows him to assess the issues in files associated with both countries. As a member of the Luxembourg and Frankfurt am Main Bar Associations, he advises, represents and supports the firm’s clients on transboundary issues. A recognized specialist in real estate, company, employment and tax law, Mario regularly participates in conferences and writes articles in specialized reviews. By virtue of his studies, origins and career path, Mr. DI STEFANO unites the experience and culture of both countries.

“We offer our clients the ability to be advised and defended by lawyers imbued with the Germanic business culture so they will feel fully confident and on the same wavelength. The German Desk’s polyglot and multicultural team supports you in your development.” Mario DI STEFANO, Managing Partner – Avocat à la Cour et Rechtsanwalt.

Our networks

Additionally, our German Desk benefits from the support of German-speaking firms in the ALFA International, SCG Legal, WIRAS Verbund, Association of European Lawyers and International Business Law Consortium networks with which the firm has established close relationships. This close collaboration allows the complete provision of services on aspects of Luxembourg and German, Austrian and Swiss law. These first-rate legal networks share the same service values and quality standards as our firm.

DSM Avocats à la Cour is also a member of DLWIDeutsch-Luxemburgische Wirtschaftsinitiative.

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