Luxembourg, gateway to European and international business

Many clients intend to use Luxembourg as a starting point to develop their business internationally. This is particularly true for clients who require a platform from which to extend their business throughout the European Union, especially those who wish to take advantage of the EU passport notification regime in banking and financial matters. In this context, we can provide assistance on Luxembourg law matters and broaden our capabilities to include advice with an international perspective by requesting assistance from our partner law firms abroad.

Including the international perspective thanks to our membership in International Networks

DSM Avocats à la Cour has long been a member of several major international legal networks allowing us to partner with top quality law firms around the world with expertise in a multitude of practice areas. We maintain a close relationship with them and can count on their prompt support abroad at any time. Our international counterpart firms are independent law firms as we are, and provide us a wide selection of alternatives from which to choose. We are currently a member of the legal networks listed on the left.