In collaboration with the AGEFI Luxembourg review, Jérôme BACH, DSM Partner & Avocat à la Cour, will launch a new section entitled “Overlapping Perspectives” (Regards croisés), starting in the October edition.

“This section will provide an overview of an economic, legal or financial topic, as analysed through the prism of two separate professions, thus facilitating an inter-professional exchange, something which often fortells changes in our respective professions” explains Mr. BACH.

We are looking forward to that October issue.

About AGEFI Luxembourg:

Agefi Luxembourg, Luxembourg’s first financial journal, was created in 1988 and reports each month (journal) and each day (The Fax newsletter) in French and English on Luxembourg’s financial, economic, political, social, cultural and European news. Agefi is distributed in new kiosks in the Grand Duchy and by on subscriptions with Factiva DowJones, ensuring worldwide distribution. Agefi’s internet archives ( constitute Luxembourg’s oldest private online media database (1996).

Jérôme BACH holds a master’s degree in tax, company law and management from the Ecole Supérieure de Gestion Paris, a master’s in private law with a business specialisation from the University of Strasbourg and undergraduate degrees in private law and public administration from the University of Metz.

He was sworn in to the Luxembourg Bar in 2003, and since 2008 has been a partner at the independent Luxembourg law firm of DSM Avocats à la Cour, where he assists his clients mainly in company and commercial law. He has vast experience in all areas of company law, particularly in mergers and acquisitions, capital investment, company financing, investor/shareholder protection as well as business and labor law.

He advises his clients, including French groups in Luxembourg or those wishing to set up operations here, in all of their Franco-Luxembourg or international projects. Mr. BACH is also a representative of several French law firms in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This advising of clients is provided on the accounting and tax as well as the legal aspects of a matter, thus allowing multidisciplinary counsel on their projects.