The CNPD’s new survey campaign has been launched! This year the program covers information on data subjects with respect to the principle of transparency.

These campaigns result from the CNPD’s strategy—establishing “proactive” surveys—and are carried out in the form of thematic audits regarding new RGPD obligations.

Our recommendations:

  • Don’t neglect your personnel’s information, particularly in the current context with respect to the collection of their health data;
  • Ensure that your privacy policy is up to date with respect to recent developments following the  SCHREMS 2 decision and everything we have learned since the GDPR’s entry into force 2 years ago;
  • Standardise the information of data subjects in a single document (or two, one for internal use and the other for external use) to be able to manage amendments more efficiently.

By Héloïse CUCHE, Avocat.