Since 18 March 2020, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has been in a state of emergency, declared by the Grand-Ducal Regulation of that date, and extended by the Law of 24 mars 2020 for a duration of three (3) months.

To combat COVID-19, the Government Council adopted by grand-ducal regulation several measures temporarily repealing certain existing legislative provisions.

On 15 April 2020, the Government Council issued the guidelines aimed at putting into place a strategy of for the lifting of the confinement measures.

Pursuant to Grand-Ducal Regulation of 20 April 2020, every one is required to wear a mouth and nose covering when the safe physical distance of two meters cannot be maintained.

The Government Council’s deconfinement strategy is divided into several phases:

Phase 1 – 20 April 2020

  • Reopening of construction, renovation and transformation sites;
  • Resuming educational help and assistance activities;
  • Resuming gardening and landscaping work;
  • Reopening of businesses the main activity of which is selling do-it-yourself supplies; and
  • Resuming upper high school grade levels, internships and practical projects for technical degree and university students on 4 May 2020

Phase 2  – 11 May 2020

  • Resuming secondary education.

Phase 3 – Tentative date 25 May 2020

  • Resuming of primary education, nurseries and daycare centers.


However, the Government Council deems that it is too early to make a determination on other sectors such as the HORECA sector.

Organizational measures, aimed at limiting close physical contact between persons in a company must be put in place by all employers.

To the extent possible, telecommuting is to be maintained during the deconfinement.

Any gatherings, with the exception of funerals and civil mariages ceremonies, remain prohibited through 31 July 2020.

Finally, it should be noted that, on the basis of monitoring of the general situation, the deconfinement strategy may develop or restrictive measures may be taken.

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By Alessandra Medina, Avocat à la Cour.