The time limit of twenty-six weeks of protection against dismissal under paragraph 3 of Article L. 121-6 of the Luxembourg Labour Code is suspended during the state of emergency pursuant to the latest Grand-Ducal Regulation derogating from Article L.121-6 of the Labour Code (in force) and entering into force on 8 April 2020 (Règlement grand-ducal du 8 avril 2020).

During the period of suspension, an employer who is notified pursuant to paragraph 1 of Article L. 121-6 of the Labour Code or in possession of the medical certificate pursuant to paragraph 2 of the same article, is not authorized, unless on serious grounds, to notify an employee of the termination of his/her employment agreement, or as applicable, of his/her being convened to the preliminary interview pursuant to Article L. 124-2 of the Labour Code.

The portion of the twenty-six weeks remaining to run at the beginning of the state of emergency will once again continue to run on the day after the end of the state of emergency, likely 19 June 2020.

To see the Government’s work on 8 April 2020 click here for details.

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By Héloïse CUCHE, Lawyer