Our Digital team has extensive experience in advising on complex international transactions as well as on local Intellectual Property (IP) and Technology, Media & Telecommunication (TMT) transactions. This includes advising on, drafting and negotiating technology contracts such as hardware and software supply contracts, licenses, general terms of use, as well as design, building and operating, turnkey, O&M, systems integration and offshore outsourcing contracts.

Our team also provides legal advice and support for issues on IT rights, data protection (Simulation of an onsite or remote GDPR audit), licenses and exploitation of intellectual property rights, counterfeiting, consumer law and litigation in Luxembourg, including the use of Luxembourg investment vehicles enabling the protection of technology and intellectual property assets.

The team further assists clients with clouds, telecoms, biotechnology, health, and provides assistance to all operators confronted with obligatory rules associated with new technologies.

Our firm is member of the Luxembourg Federation of e-commerce.



Rankings Leaders League: Excellent – Technologies, internet & telecommunications – Data protection, IT & outsourcing – Law Firm Luxembourg 2020

Thriving IP and technology practice

Track record: The firm is known for its advice regarding personal data protection, e-commerce, TMT transactions such as hardware and software supply contracts and contracts for the development, sale, and operation of data centers, innovation with dematerialization and the use of blockchains and financing with cryptocurrencies. Its advises public sector, transport, real estate, investment funds and childcare entities.
Differentiation: The team assists clients in the telecoms, biotechnology, and healthcare sectors confronted with mandatory rules associated with new technologies. Renaud le Squeren has led the digital desk at DSM Avocats since 2014 and assists companies in their digital transition (GDPR compliance, APIs and Apps etc).

The very responsive Renaud Le Squeren has excellent legal skills in corporate and commercial law and data protection. Legal500 2021

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