CSSF Press Release 19/45 of 1 October 2019 confirms that applications for new UCI approvals (UCITS, UCI Part II, SIF and SICAR not yet registered on the official list) must be submitted starting 1 October 2019 via its new eDesk portal.

However, a new UCI will benefit from a transition period ending on 31 October during which requests for UCI approval may be submitted vía:

  • email or secured e-file channels using the current dedicated Excel form, or
  • the dedicated eDesk/UCI approval application.

Starting 1 November 2019, the only possible channel will be eDesk.

Because they are not supervised by the CSSF, Reserved Alternative Investment Funds (RAIFs) subject to the Law of 23 July 2013 on Reserved Alternative Investment Funds (the “RAIF Law”) are out of the scope of new applications for UCI approval.

For further information, please contact Me Virginie Leroy or Me Renaud Le Squeren.


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