Future business transfers will involve different strategic, generational and cultural approaches. Shareholder agreements, an important part of partnerships, allow the determination of the practical means of collaboration, sometimes by derogating from a company’s statutory rules. They may simplify the relationships to clarify the transfer of businesses and the entries and exits of investors (minority/majority).

As proof of flexibility and confidentiality, shareholder agreements must reflect the balance sought by the partners while remaining easy to implement and read. The reflect the guidelines of the objectives pursued at the time they are signed, serve as a guide during their lifespan and allow the resolution of difficulties that could arise during a partnership.


  • The legal nature and purpose of shareholder agreements;
  • The negociation phase;
  • Signing confidentiality agreements;
  • Drafting of shareholder agreements: custom-made contracts;
  • Shareholder agreement clauses (governance, entry of new shareholders, continuity of shareholder participation and the exit of shareholder capital, duration);
  • The advantages and disadvantages of shareholder agreements;
  • Sanctions applicable to non-compliance with shareholder agreement provisions;
  • Example of Shareholder agreement; and
  • Q&A.


  • Understand the benefits of shareholder agreements;
  • Acquire good habits to have from the negociation phase up to the signature phase;
  • Understand the standard clauses in shareholder agreements;
  • Identify the most significant and indispensable clauses;
  • Anticipate the modalities to get out of a crisis and potential “metarules”; and
  • Exchange with DSM Avocats à la Cour’s experts in company law and the other webinar participants.


  • Partner in DSM Avocats à la Cour’s Corporate / Mergers and Acquisitions department, Renaud LE SQUEREN has over 15 years’ experience in company law.
  • Avocat à la Cour with DSM Avocats à la Cour, Jean-Philippe FRANCOIS is counsel. He has been practicing company law, M&A as well as commercial and business law for over 10 years.

Target Audience:

Executives, fiduciaries, shareholders, C-level management, managers, investors, buyers, startups, jurists