Following the invalidation of the Privacy Shield by the Court of Justice of the European Union on 16 July 2020 (SCHREMS 2), special attention must be paid to the transfer of personal data.

In practice, the issues raised so as not to impact commercial relationships and render them difficult to manage, are significant. All the while, numerous IT solutions can be involved in such transfers.

On 17 August 2020, 101 complaints were filed by the non-profit organisation Noyb against European companies the websites of which continue to transfer data to the United States. Three Luxembourg companies had complaints filed against them. The list of companies against which complaints were filed as well as the complaints themselves can be found here:

DSM Avocats à la Cour is pleased to invite you to a free French-language webinar, Tuesday, 8 September 2020, from 9:30 to 10:00 a.m. on the topic of “Personal data transfers to the United States: understood in 30 minutes.

The goal of this webinar is to give you the tools in a short 30-minute conference to understand the situation and adapt to it.


DSM Avocats à la Cour Partner, Renaud LE SQUEREN has 15 years of experience in M&A, real estate and new technology (IT) law. Since 2014, he has managed DSM’s Digital department and advises companies on their digital transitions (including GDPR, platforms, e-commerce, API and Apps). In parallel, Renaud is involved locally by serving as director of several associations such as eCom (, APSI ( and APDL ( Renaud is regularly invited to speak at national and international conferences and hosts seminars and courses at private organisations and universities.

Avocat at DSM Avocats à la Cour since 2017, Héloïse CUCHE is in the M&A, real estate and new technology (IT) law departments. She participated in the creation of training entitled “Personal data protection professionals” developed by the CNPD and the CSL. Since that time, she has given courses in French and English on the legal framework for data protection and speaks at other modules of the training.

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